If you are a new resident of the Sunshine State, chances are you are busy with designing your home interiors and exteriors. One of the most prominent aspects of a home exterior has to be the front lawn. People often go to great lengths to get the landscape planned and designed to increase the curb appeal of their Florida homes. However, one of the most common confusions people have is regarding the type of grass to choose for their Florida lawn. Everybody is well-aware of the Florida weather and climate scene at this point. Therefore, homeowners often get confused about which type of grass would make the best choice according to the weather, seasonal changes, and ease of maintenance during it all.

Top 4 Types of Grass to Consider Getting For Your Florida Lawn

So without further ado, let us help you with our list of top five types of grass that you can consider getting for your Florida lawn:

types of grass1.    St. Augustine Grass or (Floratam)

One of the most common types of grass found in Florida has to be St. Augustine. The reason for its popularity has to be its highly efficient growth spurt. Yes! It grows super-fast and is highly drought tolerant. This means it can thrive even during the non-rainy Florida season and during the state’s brief but cold snaps.

2.    Empire Zoysia Grass

Empire Zoysia, or simply Zoysia, is a genuinely gorgeous grass type. With its deep and dark green color that mimics turf, Zoysia is also a common choice for Florida residents, especially near the coastal areas. It is also drought tolerant and not too picky about the weather changes around it. Truly one of the lowest maintenance grass types you’ll find.

3.    Bermuda grass

A sort of a deeper greyish-green, Bermuda grass is also a highly resistant grass type to consider for Florida home lawns. It makes for a unique but suitable choice given its hardy nature and rapid growth. However, due to rapid growth, you have to keep up with the mowing, or soon you’ll be surrounded by a jungle.

4.    Bahia grass

Lastly, a crazy grass type called Bahia is like a tailor-made perfection for Florida weather. It is stress-resistant and even does well in cooler temperatures. Moreover, it can survive even with little to no irrigation, and hot and dry weather seems to be its best friend. Do you understand why we think Bahia is a crazy grass type?


Final Thoughts

There are several types of grasses that can be a good fit for your Florida home lawn. The types highlighted above can sustain the weather changes and be easy on maintenance requirements. However, if you still can’t seem to make up your mind, talk to a professional landscaper like Island Home Service.

We specialize in quality landscaping and home services, including house watch and pool cleaning services. With over 20 years of experience in the Florida market, we know how to maintain Florida lawns and provide our expertise in catering to yours. Contact us for a free quote to get started!