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Island Home – House Watch Service

With over 40% of Southwest Florida’s residents being seasonal, Island Homes House Watch Service stays busy protecting our customers’ properties while they are away. Whether you’re away for the season or a long weekend, our team understands you want to leave your house in good hands knowing you will be made aware of any problems, and it will be resolved properly. Our customers trust us to handle their landscaping, pool service, cleaning, and other projects year-round so we have vast experience handling any problems that may occur while you’re away. It’s important to invest in the right company to care for your property investment and Island Home Service will treat your property as if it were their own.

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What does our House Watch Service include?

House Watch services includes a visual inspection, digital photos and an inspection report delivered to your email every time we arrive at your property! For instance, complete inspections are performed on all your property for exterior doors and windows security, A/C operation & filter change, start and idle your vehicle, cleaning supervision, removal of debris, faucet and toilet check, mold and water leaks, major storm inspections, and insect intrusion. Furthermore, in the event of a security issue, we notify the local police department and are present during their visit. Should there be any issues we cannot resolve immediately, we will provide a quote for repair or find a company that can repair the problem for you. In conclusion, we see the problem as our own and address is as you would.

Inspections Performed with Home Watch


Why Use Island Home "House Watch Service"?

• Trusted in SWFL for over 20+ years

• Your property is cared for as if it were our own

• Capable of addressing most issues and repairs

• A per-visit report sent to you via email

• Contact is made with you directly via phone or email depending on the urgency of the issue


Complete Home Services



Island Home Service provides complete Landscaping and Lawn maintenance services. Regular plans and one time landscaping projects are just a few of our specialties.

pool services


Full-service pool cleaning and maintenance plans are offered that will keep your pool in great shape year-round. In other words, you can rest assured your pool is safe and ready to use when you are.

Residential Cleaning Services


Both residential and commercial cleaning services are available with all our home services. And whether you need weekly, monthly or one-time service, our team is prepared to provide exceptional cleaning and maintenance.


These are many of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers when considering hiring a House Watch Service. Please don’t hesitate to contact Island Home Services should you have any other questions that have not been addressed here.

What is home watch service?

A home watch service consists of regularly-scheduled inspections of both the interior and exterior of unoccupied homes. Our primary emphasis is ensuring their clients’ homes are secure and there are no issues with vandalism, water leaks, animal or bug infestations, rain or storm damage, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and heating, mold or various other concerns.

Why not have a neighbor watch my home?

Neighbors are great and usually free of charge, but most of them do not have the expertise to properly inspect your home, which is a very large investment on your part. In most cases, neighbors will pick up the mail and newspaper, maybe take a quick look inside the home, and then watch the home from across the street. In addition, we use an extensive checklist to ensure that each potential issue can be detected before it becomes a major problem. We are available at all times, not only for regular inspections but also for an emergency. Contrastingly, a homeowner never knows if their neighbor is going to be in town or on vacation. Above all, fees are a small price to pay for our clients to know their homes are being taken care of by licensed, experienced and insured professionals.

Who conducts the home watch inspections?

One of our well trained and highly-qualified staff will perform your home inspection. Typically, the same member of the team will perform your inspection every time so that they may detect anything out of place. Above all, we have a very low turn over and have built strong relationships with our employees so they are well trusted.

How often do I need someone to inspect my home?

This is both a personal and an insurance issue. It is difficult to determine exactly how often someone should have their home inspected. If an issue arises, it is always best if it can be identified before it becomes a large problem. For safety reasons, once a week would be best. However, many clients feel every two weeks is sufficient. We believe that less frequent inspections do not provide the level of security needed to ensure that our clients’ homes are properly taken care of while they are away.

Furthermore, some insurance companies require someone to inspect an unoccupied home once or twice a month. Other insurance companies do not seem to have an issue with this, so there are no requirements. In order to know what requirements insurance companies may have, please contact them before making a decision on the frequency of inspections.

Are you available 24/7?

Yes, a member of our team is always on call to address emergency issues.

How do I know my home is being taken care of while I am away?

We use a custom program for reporting our inspection updates and provide photo’s which are emailed to you every visit.

Do you inspect my home after severe weather?

Especially during the summer, both wind and rain from severe storms can cause extensive damage to homes in Southwest Florida. As a part of our service, we inspect all homes after severe storms. These inspections are conducted to ensure that there are no leaks or property damage. We do not perform a complete inspection after storms because we have many homes to check in a short period of time. However, if a regular inspection is scheduled a day or two after a storm, we will perform the full inspection for the regular price and not charge our clients for the storm inspection.

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