Florida Landscaping Tips

Florida landscapingIn Florida, landscaping with the right plants can create a stunning outdoor oasis. With its subtropical climate, the options for plants are almost endless. From vibrant flowers to lush foliage, there’s something for everyone when it comes to landscaping in Florida. There is a great selection of annual flowers, shrubs, trees and palms that you can choose from to make your landscape truly unique. To help you decide which plants are best suited for your yard, we have rounded up our top picks of the best landscaping plants in Florida.


One of the most popular evergreen shrubs used in landscapes is Podocarpus gracilior or simply Podocarpus. This low maintenance shrub thrives in hot humid climates like those found in Florida and does well even in part shade as long as you provide adequate water during periods of drought stress. It has sword-like leaves with small yellow cones and can eventually grow into an 8-10′ tall by 6-8′ wide evergreen screen or windbreak if left un-pruned By adding various sizes and forms within a Podocarpus planting they will bring contrast to any landscape design


Another useful type of tree when it comes to landscaping are palms like the Windmill Palmetto (Sabal Minor). This palm tolerates salt wind as well as poor soils making them great beachfront residences or back yards sections near swimming pools! The fan-like fronds create an elegant look all year round while growing upwards 10 feet so at times when you require additional shade this beautiful species is definitely one worth considering!

Adding Color To Your Florida Landscape

If you want some color in your yard then look no further than impatiens (Impatiens spp.). These shade loving flowers chosen by many gardeners due their ability ro produce masses of brightly colored blooms throughout spring & summer without much effort. They bloom all season long without deadheading which makes then perfect for busy schedules and adds beauty to shaded areas where other flowering species may fail!

Finally, if your lawn requires more vertical character purple leaf Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) could be just what you need! A small deciduous shrub that’s easy too grow! The leaves emerge deep purplish red on new growth fading out too soft green too intense coloring on mature foliage plus they attract birds & other wildlife providing year-round interest – what’s not too love?

In Conclusion

In summation there are many options available when creating desirable landscapes around your property here I florida but we listed four useful types that always deliver results – podcrapus; windmar Palmetto; Impatience & Purple Leaf Japanese Barberry – these should getyou inspired start designing today!.

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