Being in business since 1995 and one of the best arborists Florida can offer. Our professional Arborist’s at Tree West often gets asked this simple question: What exactly is an arborist? We understand that it is a unique term and not something you hear in layman conversations. Therefore, these questions are not unexpected, and answering them in a concise yet comprehensive manner is a part of our job.

So, What Is an Arborist?

what is an arboristTo put it very simply in an analogy anyone can understand, an arborist is basically a doctor for trees. They are specially trained professionals who learn about and qualify to know everything there is to know about trees and other woody plant bodies. An arborist can tell you what is going on with a tree and make diagnoses and recommendations accordingly.

From knowing the art of planting and caring for the plants to diagnosing any ailments, arborists are backed up by the universal senses of nature and knowledge of science paired with top notch skills that allows them to be the master of their craft. So it’s safe to say that an arborist is someone you can trust with trees. Whether in a residential setting or a commercial environment, arborists are hired for their services when trees are involved in a context, from regular maintenance of trees in a commercial environment to simply taking an arborist’s expertise in order to look after your personal garden.

Understanding the Role of a Certified Arborist

You might think, an arborist already sounds like such a fancy term, However the one acquiring the title is doing a respectable job in their field. While there are always self-proclaimed arborists simply because they have a knack for learning about plant life or are just generally plant enthusiasts – a “certified” arborist takes the cake. Yes, a certified arborist is someone who has officially conducted their time to gain knowledge and skill for becoming an arborist. They are trained for a high-quality standard of knowledge and skill for the art and science of plants and horticulture in general. Hence, after being trained and taught, they are tested to pass examinations allowing them to become a certified arborist.

And unlike some professional degrees that, once acquired, may last the professional a lifetime – an arborist is ensured to continue practicing and learning new things to stay on top of their craft. This means that in order to remain certified, certified arborists stay in the cycle of upgrading their skills and tactics and updating knowledge constantly.

In Conclusion,

It is safe to say, certified arborists are the people you should go to for your trees. In fact, now that you are aware of what an arborist is, maybe you are in need of hiring one for your home garden. So if you are looking for a reputable, certified arborist in Lee County, Florida, check us out at Island Home Service. We are certified arborists who qualify in tree trimming, pruning, and landscaping. So if you are interested in our services, contact us today!